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SMM International has earned the reputation of developing and executing the best marketing strategies for businesses. Our vast experiences will help guide your business through the internet marketing puzzle. Our firm offers a full range of marketing services that will help take your business to the next levels of success.

With our comprehensive marketing solutions, our clients consistently experience the dedication and professionalism needed. We inject passion, clear communication, and innovation in all of our marketing solutions. We take pride when our clients succeed.

Our Expertise

  • Social Media Marketing Services
  • Interactive Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimization

Client Referrals

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  • Zan Ray, Coach, 512-426-5525
  • Rik Yeames, Restaurant Owner, 603-848-0595
  • Shannon McDonald, Massage Studio Owner, 281-858-3893

Your Social Media Consultant

Christopher, Founder & Social Media Consultant
As the Founder of Social Media Management International, Christopher is responsible for consulting with clients to ensure that their online reputation and internet presence serves their business objectives, such as, revenue growth, lead generation and growing the bottom line. Christopher has been consulting with businesses since 2009 in various industries, such as, finance, the legal industry, hair care, public relations, restaurants, management, the self-help sector and more.

He is a graduate from the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship (Rated #1 in the United States by Princeton Review) at the University of Houston C.T. Bauer College of Business, where he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship, Management and training in Leadership from the Ted Bauer Leadership Certificate Program. Most importantly, Christopher manages a global team of digital marketers, including, those proficient in search engine optimization, website design, content creation, and social media management to bring each client a global perspective on their business.

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